We are a startup with a social focus helping elementary-age children learn to repair, make & invent.

As a way of giving back to our local community, we offer a FREE makerspace class every weekend. So far 210 children have attended this free class. We have the capacity to offer 15 seats in this class. However right now, we can only financially support 6 free seats.

This popular weekend class takes place every Saturday. The children learn 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC digital carving and soldering. Each child manufactures a physical object of their own design in this class.

For the children attending this class, this is their first exposure to a CNC machine and design software. Please consider sponsoring a student to fill the balance 9 seats available, so that we can offer this class at full capacity.

The total cost per student per class is $60, and includes all raw materials, laptops, and the use of various manufacturing machines. Use the Donate button to make your contribution via PayPal. Alternatively you can choose to support us via Patreon and receive regular updates.